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A New Life Deserves a NEW CHAPTER!!

1 April 1987
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"drapes", "shopping", "squares", 1950s, art, bangs, batmobile, beer, beetlejuice, bettie page, bettie paige, billie holiday, billy idol, biting, black eyeliner, black hair, bleach blonde, bondage belt, bourbon and coke, bows, boys, bright red, cardigans, cars, cat eye glasses, chating, cherries, cigarettes, countless shadows, creamcheese, creepers, cry baby, daddy o's, devotchkas, dice, disturbed, dreaming, drinking my ass off, duran duran, edwards scissorhands, elvis costello, eyebrows, fashion, film, fishnets, flames, flappers, foreplay, garbage, ghost world, girl interrupted, girls, glamour, greasers, halloween, hard rock, having fun, high heels, horror movies, james dean, john's skinny ass, johnny cash, johnny depp, jose, kittens, lesbiens, lip piercings, lost boys, lucy and her "knockers", luis armstong, make-up, mariah carey, marlyin monroe, mary janes, mascara, misfits, movies, music, nail polish, nightmare before christamas, nipple piercings, old cars, parties, pattern books, patterns, pez, pin-up girls, pin-ups, pippi longstocking, polkadots, pomade, pompadour hair, poodle skirts, porn, psychobilly, punkabilly, radio, raves, reading, red lipstick, red nail polish, retro, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, rockyhorrorpictureshow, saddle shoes, screaming, sex, shopping, skulls, sleeping, smashing pumkins, stray cats, swing, swing dance, swing dresses, swing music, tattoos, the addams family, the cranberries, the distillers, the who, thrift, tiger army, ur face, vintage, vinyl, viva las vegas, wing tips, wing-tip shoes, writng, zombies