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A New Life Deserves a NEW CHAPTER!!

In these past few years where I haven't written, I was dating a guy, from Tulare, who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. 
      We met online for one and only reason... to hook up. Come on! I was 18 and crazy!!  Our relationship later progressed to more than that. We dated on and off again for almost 5-1/2 years.
Between those five plus years, there were ups and downs like any ordinary couple... it went deeper than that. There were insecurity issues on my end. He seemed so secretive and private... I take that back, TOO secretive and private.

  He was a tall 6'0 guy, very light complected with black hair that he combed back. He had real teddy bear eyes that looked like glass, lips that looked like they belonged to a fish and ears that looked like they belonged to a monkey when her pulled them out to make me laugh. I know it may sound like he was some science project the way that I describe him, but he wasn't that bad looking.  He was from Guadalajara, so his lifestyle was completely different then what I was used to. 
  Being with him for so long you would think that he would bring me around to his home to meet his family. That wasn't the case. After pestering him for about a year. He finally took me to meet his family. His mother was HARDCORE Old School Mexican, which made my eyes practically fall out of it's sockets. Maybe that was what he was trying to avoid me seeing. She was quiet and didn't speak much, because there was that language barrier. She only spoke Spanish. I can understand it, read it and write it, but I cant speak it, but I get embarrassed that I may not say something correctly, like the formality. She on the other hand REFUSED to learn anything of the English language. She believed that THEY (meaning other people like you and i) should speak to her in Spanish only. Pretty much caterer to her. She was so hard headed that it pissed me off. This was the one and only time that I can recall meeting/seeing her, other than a hotel incident that I will never forget!


I will finish my story later. . .

5 Years Later!!

I don't know really where to start. It's been a very long past 5 years. I looked at my posts from the past (which I chaned the setting to private. I may change them back to where its viewable, but at this time they are private) and i cant believe how muchI have grown as a person. Reading them just embarasses me. Lol.  

Why would I write such things and have them exposed in center stage?
Most likely for attention that I wasn't recieving at home and/or friends.

I will have to read them to figure out what was really going on. 

I am going to try to start writing on here more often. We'll see how long that shall last. :)


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It's TIME........to rest......forever...

Today is Sunday. This weekend has been depressing... Tia Nina passed away saturday. i guess her little body couldn't take it anymore...and she seamed too tired to do anyhing...She barely made it to her 50th birthday...it was the 14th... she has been handling this pain for quite some time. Tio Martin was there while she passed away. He said he was just there and then all of a sudden the bed was kidda jiggling and the bed went up and down and he look up and she passed away right then and there. He said that grandpa had came for her, and it was her time...i really dont have emotion towards it.... i cried for a while, but then i realized that she is now happy where she is at, and that she doesn't have to suffer anymore....God Bless Her Soul..
When i got there at grandma's house, i saw a white butterfly...it reminded me of nina, and that she was here taking care of me and everyone else. i didnt say anything about that butterfly never left..and that made me happy and warm. I Love You Nina.


Well Thursday i came back from school and my mom had asked me if i wanted to go to fresno cause nina was in the hopital..cause shes really ill, so i decides to go and guess what? i was able to get all my stuff for thew weekend under like 20 min...its a miracle... im getting all of this down in a heart beat...wooow..lol
We left to wasco and no one at home. so we went to tulare and sixto, vache, and joaquin were there. and left to fresno to the hospital.
when we got hter nina looked really, really sick and grey ,it just didnt look like her at all period. and grandma has been staying with here for a long time... Tio martin came and we were having the time of our lives, at least i was.lol we were dancing and then we start doing it in front of the window giving a free peep show..and then my dad or martin had said, "it's bad enough to have valiree and to have martin.. to be together...damn!"..lol i love him to death. i went to hot topic, in whick i really hate going to but hey im not from there..lol i bot some creepers for guess how much????? 50? 40? 30? 20?15?10? yes $10 there black with white stars. i was happy. hmmm...went to the vineyard and took a picture with the a huge goblet and grapes....then to the rasin-maid store......the worlds largest raisin box...lol.....humor...
the waether was so freaking nice........hmmmppp i wan to go back down oh well...i'll write more down but i have a headache..so ill come back. ....in a littel while


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Your celebrity threesome! by cerulean_dreams
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